Fully open cockpits includes a very rare Lockheed Bushmaster, a Convair 880 circa 1958, a M*A*S*H Bell helicopter, a Walter Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting Truck.

Visit us and sit in as a pilot and get the feel of flying! Additionally, the world’s only surviving Martin 202 Cockpit has been refurbished and is now open for visitors to sit in. This aircraft was operated by TWA beginning in 1950.

The Open Cockpit on November 9, and 10 includes a


All past and active military are admitted free.

PDF Download for Open cockpit  open cockpit PDF

The Museum is open from 10:00 to 4:00. Access to the Museum is included.
Admission for Adults is $12 & Children & Seniors $9.
For more information, call 201-288-6344 www.njahof.org


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