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History Highlights:
New Jersey:
On January 9, 1793, French balloonist Jean-Pierre Blanchard ascended from Philadelphia flew across the Delaware River and landed in Deptford, NJ. The Western Hemisphere's first flight took 45 minutes and covered 15 miles.

1922 - The world's largest airplane, the Barling Bomber, was constructed at Teterboro Airport by the Wittemann brothers.

1927 - Charles Lindbergh flew solo across the Atlantic in the Spirit of St Louis powered by a Whirlwind. Two weeks later, Clarence Chamberlin in a Wright-Blanca built in Princeton, flew to Germany by a Whirlwind. A month later, Richard Byrd and a crew of three again used a three-engine to fly to France.

1932 - Amelia Earhart prepares for her solo transatlantic flight at Teterboro

1937 - German zeppelin Hindenburg explodes at Lakehurst Naval Air Station.

1942-1945 - World War II: General Motor's Eastern Aircraft Division built 13,500 Grumman fighter planes at Linden and Trenton plants. The Curtiss-Wright Corp. built 281,164 engines and 146,468 electric propellers in plants in six north Jersey locations.

1968 - Walter M. Schirra of Oradell becomes the only astronaut to fly in all three spacecraft, Mercury, Gemini and Apollo.

1984 - Astronaut Kathryn Sullivan, a Paterson native, was the first American woman to walk in space.